Enabling better healthcare

At Camworth we’re proud to enable the amazingly diverse work of the healthcare sector. For hospitals looking to evolve, our networks empower everything from large-scale image sharing to nurse call communications, to the security of your data and physical premises. Or perhaps you’re an industry innovator or a biotech company looking for the right infrastructure to enable industry evolution – no matter your area of expertise we’ve got the experience to help healthcare advance.


Solutions that serve your sector

Structured cabling

There’s nothing more important than the health and care of society, which is why our structured cabling not only underpins evolution in the industry but is installed in a way that never disrupts the life-saving work of the sector.

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Secure multi-service networks

From empowering mission-critical networks and securing life-saving data, to improving patient-side services, our multi-service networks keep everything connected to enable your operations.

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Advanced infrastructure

Whether you want an advanced infrastructure that supports your sustainability targets, or want to benefit from more intelligent operations, such as IOT sensors – we help innovate all things health and care.

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Professional services

Powered by a full professional services lifecycle – no matter your place in the industry, we get to know your needs inside out so that we can ensure whatever we implement works first time – because we know there’s no room for trial and error in healthcare.

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