Case Study Spotlight: Bristol Airport simplifies its Cisco software license management

Bristol Airport embarked on a Cisco Enterprise Agreement solution to simplify its software licensing and management and to make significant cost savings

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21st September 2023

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As it prepares for expansion, Bristol Airport needed to move away from purchasing software à la carte and adding licenses over time. Instead, it wanted to initiate a new Cisco licensing model that would alleviate the complexity of managing multiple licensing agreements, all with different renewal dates and terms. Enabling a single contract, with a single end date, that would deliver the cost predictability and agility needed to ensure the airport’s growth plans can take off.

We interviewed Gerald Woods, IT Project Manager at Bristol Airport who shared the challenges of managing multiple Cisco software licensing terms, why he choose to onboard a Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA), and benefits the business is seeing which include significant cost savings and budget predictability.

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“Camworth have been our trusted Cisco partner for 15 years and understand what makes our business tick. We asked them to help navigate the complex choice of conditions around price, delivery and support so we gained the best Cisco EA solution for our needs.”

Gerard Woods IT Project Manager at Bristol Airport

Gerard Woods, IT Project Manager, Bristol Airport