How the Cloud Disrupts Higher Education Networks – and why that’s good.

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24th January 2024

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A Cisco Meraki Whitepaper

After accelerating the adoption of virtual learning, IT leaders at higher education institutions are now forecasting a future heavily influenced by the cloud—a trend that will promote improved operational efficiency as well as cost and time savings, new insights, and enhanced experiences.

In this whitepaper Cisco Meraki focuses on the unique environment in Higher Education IT and how modernising legacy infrastructures, bolstering cybersecurity, and managing the surge in devices on university networks present formidable challenges.

The research reveals that nearly 59% of IT departments cite budget constraints as their primary hurdle, with staffing issues and communication challenges following closely behind.

Overcoming these challenges requires a strategic shift. The cloud emerges as a powerful solution, providing flexibility, scalability, and efficiency.

Physical and cybersecurity are also paramount concerns. The white paper highlights the integration of Smart Cameras, increasing physical security and offering valuable insights through analytics. Meraki MV smart cameras, operating securely in the cloud, eliminate the need for standalone video management software.

As higher education institutions navigate the challenges of the digital era, the cloud emerges not just as a technological trend but as a transformative force. It empowers institutions to overcome challenges, enhance security, and deliver superior educational experiences.

As a Cisco Meraki Partner, Camworth can help you appreciate the benefits of a cloud-managed solution for your Campus network and Wi-Fi. Drop us an email or call our team on 01453 708000.

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