Webinar Recording: Optimising Security Posture with Cisco’s Unified Platform

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8th July 2024

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Watch the recording of our recent webinar with Cisco where we explore how Cisco’s unified security platform, enhanced with AI capabilities, can streamline and improve your organisation’s security measures.

Speakers from Camworth and Cisco discuss:

  • How to enhance your security posture with Cisco’s Platform Approach
  • The benefits of Cisco Security and the Cisco Unified Security Platform for your organisation
  • Real-world examples of how Cisco’s integrated AI-enabled threat detection and response to support proactive security management
  • How Cisco’s Unified Security Platform streamlines security operations, how AI is becoming increasingly integral to modern threat detection and we’ll get hands-on so you can see the platform in action.

If you want more information, or would like to book in some time to discuss how to improve your organisation’s security posture, then please get in touch.

Email [email protected]


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