Webinar Recording: Remote Network Access During Outages and Cyber Attacks with Out-of-Band Management Copy

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8th July 2024

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Watch the recording of our recent Webinar where Camworth and Opengear and delve into the strategic domain of Out-of-Band Management, uncovering its indispensable role in fortifying your network infrastructure, facilitating seamless remote management, and empowering IT support to swiftly identify and address issues.

  • The fundamental concept and significance of Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) in fortifying network infrastructure.
  • Learn how OOBM ensures network resilience during outages.
  • The role of Smart OOBM in enhancing Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), streamlining network provisioning processes.
  • How OOBM provides proximity and presence for effective day-to-day management, optimising operational efficiency.
  • See real use cases of how organisations have been able to access their network – even during an outage, or once it’s been shut down to mitigate damage from a cyber attack.

For more information about how Out-of-Band Management can add value to your network and support operations, please email [email protected]


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