Technology that streamlines for success

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Name: iomart

Location: London

Technology that streamlines for success

iomart is a UK-based cloud computing and IT managed services business providing hybrid cloud infrastructure, connectivity, security and future digital workplace capability through use of its exclusive data centre portfolio, dark fibre network and global footprint. Its mission is simple: to make your business unstoppable by enabling you to connect, secure and scale anywhere, anytime.

A successful and expanding organisation, iomart needed a solution that delivered consistently high performance, with the agility to accelerate the deployment of applications and services through their network operations and policy management.

As a trusted technology partner to iomart, we combined market knowledge and Cisco service provider technology expertise to recommend a strategy, and a network infrastructure design that would meet iomart’s current requirements, with the flexibility and scalability to support the brand’s growth ambitions.

Evidence-based solutions that deliver every step of the way


With a detailed understanding of iomart’s requirements and business strategy, we were able to demonstrate proof of concept for a powerful solution leveraging intelligent technology. For ease of transition to the new infrastructures, we ensured consultancy and vendor liaison informed our plan upfront.


By incorporating evidence-based solutions we were able to demonstrate the efficacy of our recommendations.

Combining our service provider experience with our Cisco technology expertise we designed an infrastructure to empower iomart’s ambitions using a software-defined network and Cisco ACI network infrastructure solutions.

Iomart were also able to achieve 100 Gigabit capability by integrating Cisco ASR 9000 Series technology.


By managing the setup and delivery of iomart’s new infrastructure in partnership with Cisco we were able to ensure a seamless implementation experience.


As iomart’s trusted technical partner we work closely with their team to ensure the new infrastructure continues to deliver for all of iomart’s customers, while also supporting their business’ growth ambitions.

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Cutting edge technology delivering intelligent solutions


  • Providing a shared platform for all services, enabling physical and virtual environments to be managed from a single common platform.
  • Consolidating connectivity to reduce the need for patching and cabling.
  • Delivering a Software-Defined Networking solution (SDN) has moved iomart away from hardware constraints.
  • Reducing manually intensive configuration work by the automation of common policy, management, and operation models across application, network, and security resources.
  • Using Cisco Application Centre Infrastructure (ACI) has enabled applications to guide networking behaviour.
  • Leveraging 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet with 100 Gigabit capability has extended network capacity, while increasing performance and resilience by leveraging a low latency, highly scalable, and agile network.
  • Using Aggregation Service Router  (ASR) technology at the point where iomart’s private fibre network intersects with the internet has reduced bandwidth bottlenecks to deliver high speed content.
  • Adding additional fibre routes in key data centres has extended the capacity to iomart’s existing high speed, low latency network, increasing resilience for customers.


  • Automation and orchestration have dramatically simplified the management of network operations and reduced manually intensive maintenance and change management work – freeing up iomart’s energy to focus on customer acquisition and business growth.
  • SDN solutions have improved agility, scalability and efficiency, while reducing the time to market for services through the automation of IT workflow and application deployment.
  • ACI architecture optimises performance, while ensuring consistent policy management and simplified operations.
  • 100 Gigabit capability has allowed content to travel at faster speeds, while ensuring capacity for future demand.

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This project supports our growth strategy and underlines our commitment to provide businesses with the services they need to support their future operations. Our work with the team at Camworth ensures our customers will have the ability to deliver content and services faster than ever and without disruption.

- Reece Donovan, CEO, iomart

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