Optimised Enterprise Licensing Procurement Takes Off at Bristol Airport

Optimised Enterprise Licensing Procurement Takes Off at Bristol Airport

About Bristol Airport

Offering direct flights to over 120 destinations across Europe, last year Bristol Airport welcomed almost 8 million passengers. The UK’s eighth-busiest airport, Bristol is on an upward growth trajectory and in 2023 welcomed four new airlines and unveiled 13 new routes.

Having won approval to increase its capacity to handle up to 12 million passengers a year, the airport’s expansion plans will generate an estimated additional £430 million to the South West’s economy and eliminate millions of car journeys made to London airports each year.

Cisco Solutions

  • Core and edge switching
  • PCI infrastructure
  • Security
  • Software-defined Access networks
  • Support Services
  • Security Services

The Challenge

Bristol Airport’s highly dynamic and mission critical IT infrastructure delivers the connectivity and operational and business services that airlines, airport authorities, commercial and retail partners as well as passengers depend upon 24×7.

With expansion plans progressing at pace, Bristol Airport wanted to streamline and simplify how it procures and consumes software, services, and support from Cisco, and find a way to budget accurately for evolving business demands.

“We were managing 37 individual support contracts and licensing agreements, all with different terms and renewal dates. These had to be manually tracked to ensure we didn’t miss any key dates and find ourselves exposed should a critical event occur,” says Gerard Woods, IT Project Manager at Bristol Airport. Alongside eliminating the complexity and difficulties involved in keeping track of multiple license expiry dates across its extensive portfolio of Cisco products, the IT team needed the ability to embark on new projects relating to the airport’s commercial expansion plans quickly. By aligning and unifying their Cisco license expiry dates, the team would also be able to build out future budgetary requirements with much greater accuracy.

The Solution

Bristol Airport wanted to enable a simpler and more flexible licensing model that would deliver the instant scalability and pricing certainty needed to organically grow its operations.

“Camworth have been our trusted Cisco partner for 15 years and understand what makes our business tick,” explains Gerard. “We asked them to help navigate the complex choice of conditions around price, delivery and support so we gained the best Cisco Enterprise Agreement solution for our needs.”

Featuring a fixed commercial framework and co-terms for existing and future licensing needs, the new 5-year Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) streamlines how the airport manages licenses and makes it easier for the airport to manage its software licensing terms and pay only for what it uses. Using Cisco’s unique

True Forward feature, the airport is able to avoid retroactive billing charges, deploying additional licenses for new technology or users on-demand and in an affordable and manageable way.

The Benefits

The new Cisco EA has delivered multiple benefits for Bristol Airport. These include:

  • More efficient planning and budgeting for future network upgrades Hardware can be purchased in advance and license activation deferred until needed.
  • Centralised licence management The EA portal delivers a unified view of all licences, facilitating easy tracking and incident management.
  • Scalability New functionality and licenses can be added without any need to negotiate new agreements.
  • Streamlined procurement that eliminates IT bureaucracy Releasing the IT management team to focus on more strategic tasks.

Flying confidently into the future

The new Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) provides the flexible foundation and cost predictability Bristol Airport needs to move forward effectively and with clarity.

“We can now capitalise hardware costs, purchasing switches at today’s prices in the knowledge that if a project is delayed, we can draw down licenses on deployment. From a budgeting perspective, this mitigates significant cost risk – there’s no worry we will ‘burn through licenses’ should we not use them,” says Gerard.

This is particularly valuable as the airport prepares to initiate PoV and test environments in preparation for new buildouts to support planned growth.

“We’re now able to bolt on new functionality and grow our network infrastructure easily and seamlessly. That includes adding new switches or increasing our Wi-Fi capability,” he continues.

In total, the new 5-year Cisco EA will generate estimated cost savings of around 30-40% a year compared to the airport’s previous licensing structure.

Very collaborative, very open and extremely supportive, Camworth used their knowledge and experience of Cisco and our unique operational environment to help us create the ideal Cisco Enterprise Agreement and licensing model for our needs.


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