Monitoring and Management

Prevention is better than cure to maximise your system uptime 

Network security that never sleeps. 

Imagine identifying a cybersecurity vulnerability before a breach takes down your entire network and damages your business. Our suite of monitoring packages can achieve this, and can be tailored to any size or type of business. We use Cisco analytic tools (CMX, Tetration, NCP, AppDynamics, Kinetic and Spark pro pack) in our services. Our other network security and monitoring services include:

• Network monitoring

• Configuration management

• Network traffic monitoring

• Application and server monitoring

• IP address management

• IP SLA monitoring

• Virtualisation monitoring

• Wireless monitoring

• Network mapping


Your business is unique. We take the time to really understand your situation and your business requirements. 

Consultancy is an integral part of our managed service provider offering. This balance of expert technical knowledge driving the cutting-edge technology your network needs is something our customers truly appreciate.

Human and artificial intelligence work together. Our intelligent software applications proactively monitor your network infrastructure and it’s supervised by our skilled engineers. We use the latest monitoring software to offer you a true end-to-end IT management service. We will keep you informed of any potential concerns around unusual hardware behaviour, user access or traffic flows. You just need to sit back. We’ve got this.



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