Software Licensing Agreements

We specialise in helping clients address software licensing challenges by consolidating the entire software portfolio under one agreement to make it easier to consume software in a more cost-effective way.

Simplify the complexity

We have constructed Cisco Service Provider Network Agreements and Enterprise Agreements around complex network infrastructures and are uniquely positioned to manage your agreements. But it doesn’t end there. Camworth’s Lifecycle Services offer ongoing training and support for your licensing arrangements so your teams understand how to get the most value.

With one agreement for all of your licensing, we’ll help you to:

Operate more

With workspaces that can easily be segmented by networks or solutions – like security or collaboration makes the whole license management process significantly less complex. With a single contract and renewals process, along with a unified license management portal gives you the additional operational advantages, saving you time and effort while optimising the efficiency of your network infrastructure.

Make financial

Consolidating all software licensing into one agreement saves you money because your buying power increases.  Financial predictability comes with True Forward Billing, and you experience the real advantages of streamlined licensing – maximising your budgets and enabling accurate financial planning.

Accelerate your

With access to new software and by enabling the on-demand deployment of unlimited or capped consumption models means that you can innovate when you want to versus when budget is secured. You stay at the forefront of technology advancements, harnessing the power of flexible software solutions to drive your organisation’s growth and agility.

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Explore Cisco Software Licensing Agreements: Cisco SPNAs for Service Providers and Cisco EAs for Enterprises

Cisco SPNA for Services Providers

A Cisco Service Provider Network Agreement (SPNA) is a contractual agreement between Cisco and a service provider organisation. It is specifically designed for service providers to access Cisco software, hardware, and services needed to build and operate their networks – offering licensing flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness to enable delivery of a wide range of networking services to customers – and the agility required to support business growth.

Explore Cisco Service Provider Network Agreements (SPNA)

Cisco EA for Enterprises

A Cisco Enterprise Agreement (EA) is a flexible software licensing agreement that simplifies the procurement and management of Cisco software across an organisation. It offers a simplified, centralised approach to licensing, allowing customers to standardise and optimise their software deployments. With an EA, customers can gain access to a wide range of Cisco software products under a single agreement, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

Explore Cisco Enterprise Agreements

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SPNA has significantly reduced the amount we spend on Cisco software, providing us with visibility on our future software spend which was an impossible task beforehand”

Mike Brooman, Head of Supply Chain at Community Fibre

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