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Cloud Networking

Do you want complete visibility and control over your wireless solutions?

Cloud Networking provides centralised management, visibility, and control – helping your business to thrive.

Cisco Meraki is a 100% cloud-based, smart IT portfolio which includes networking, security, next-generation Wi-Fi, remote worker solutions, and physical security.

Meraki products come out-of-the-box and can be provisioned and managed from a single dashboard. What’s more, these products are quick and easy to deploy, so you don’t need any training or proprietary command-line interfaces.

And the products are Smart:

  • Software-Defined Access provides access to any user, device, or application from the edge to the cloud, maintaining robust security.
  • A Software-Defined WAN means you can connect any user to any application over the Wide Area Network without compromising on security or user experience.

By choosing Meraki, your business also benefits from:

  • Advanced security features that are critical as you manage an increasingly distributed workforce.
  • Next-generation Wi-Fi to ensure speed, reliability, and performance for all users.
  • Solutions to expand your digital workplace into home offices.
  • Data analysis and insights that can be used to enable other solutions, such as wayfinding, contact tracing, footfall analytics, asset tracking, and more.

Interest to learn more?  Watch one of Meraki’s webinars or contact us to arrange a personal session.


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