In today’s  distributed world of work, how do you keep everyone connected and collaborating in real time?

Using a complete collaboration suite so your teams can create, meet, message, call and share.

We all communicate in different ways. While you may prefer to pick up the phone, your colleague may prefer an online conversation – or an online meeting. The important part is making sure you can collaborate in whatever way you want, and wherever you are.

So, our collaboration tools are delivered in one complete service, which delivers a great user experience regardless of your device or your location. You can meet, message and call anyone, And, because this service is hosted in the cloud, you always get the most up-to-date information.


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Cisco Spark gives your organisation a one-stop shop for effective and secure collaboration.

At Camworth, we use Cisco Spark to help you work better. This secure and reliable service provides you with a powerful set of communications services so your teams can meet, call, message, whiteboard and share.

Cisco Spark is easy to use and manage. Whether you have an outdated communications system you want to upgrade or just use ad hoc technology, Spark’s APIs and integrations will help you digitise your business and it can be customised with your existing processes and workstreams. Spark is also offered on a simple subscription basis, so you can add services on demand, in the cloud or on-premise.

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