Smart buildings

Connecting your office gives your staff an environment to thrive. 

And you’ll deliver savings and efficiencies across the entire lifecycle of your building.

Smart buildings proactively predict faults, can monitor performance in real time and provide predictive insights into your office’s systems and facilities. Disparate systems are replaced with a single infrastructure. This reduces the complexity of your siloed systems, reduces the risk of a security breach and you can save energy.

Smart buildings enable transformational applications and business intelligence to make cost savings a reality.

As one of the few select Digital Lightning Partners with Siemon and utilising the Cisco Digital Building methodology, we can provide you with a converged ecosystem. Your office’s lighting, temperature and video surveillance can be controlled with an app.

Your lights will automatically turn off when a room is empty. Its digital network architecture gives you the security, automation and insights you need to run an efficient workspace. And your office will be fitted with the latest sensors and IoT devices to make sure your office continues to adapt and improve in the years ahead.

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