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Network Technologies

What is digitisation?

Digitisation is the transformation and relocation of your businesses operations and capabilities into the digital space.

By enabling advanced networking infrastructure, software, and support, your business can immediately benefit from the enhanced communication, connectivity, and security provided by the latest network technologies, as well as being future-proof and ready for explosive growth, changing demands and emerging innovations.

Digitised organisations operate faster and smarter than the competition, optimising business performance across multiple industries.

Camworth is partnered with industry-leading networking provider, Cisco, to provide clients with the cutting edge in infrastructure, software and support through the innovative Network Initiative.


Why do I need digitisation?

IT and network capabilities are the backbone of many business operations and, as we continue to advance into the digital age, the weight on those bones is getting heavier.

A solid foundation enables continued innovation, allowing you to sculpt your network’s capabilities to meet the changing needs of your business. That’s why scalability should be at the heart of network design, allowing for sustained and continued support for the growth and demands of your business.

By bridging the gaps between colleagues, customers and workflow, digitisation can maximise your business efficiency, productivity and increase revenues.

As well as dramatically improving the capacity of the day-to-day operations of your business, a strong core network can enable the fast and agile deployment of new services, applications and business branches.

As millions of new devices come online every day, a global, all-encompassing Internet of Things is on the horizon, ready to change the way people and businesses interact with our products and environment. This tide of new devices needs a network to connect to, and establishing a strong infrastructure ahead of time will keep your business ahead of the competition..

Moving into the digital space is not a hurdle to overcome, but the path to empowering your business to meet its full potential. By enabling a smoother workflow through enhanced communication and collaboration services, optimising data analytics and efficiency, and securing your business from malicious attacks, digital transformation gives your business the power and security it needs to succeed.

Where do I start?

Transformation can be a daunting prospect, but digitisation can be an opportunity to refresh and streamline your business and operating models to fully benefit from network technology that is streamlined to meet your business’ requirements.

With a dedicated team at the heart of your transformation process, Camworth provides expert installation and project management from an experienced team of certified PRINCE2 project managers. With regular project updates and meetings, you can rest assured that every step of the digitisation of your business is in expert hands.

For more information, read our guide to digitisation, or, to find out precisely how your business can benefit from digitisation, contact our team of experts for a digitisation strategy review.

What tools do I need?

Cisco’s Network Intuitive brings intent-based networking, built on Cisco DNA (Digital Network Architecture), to deliver real results to your business.  

The Network Intuitive sits at the heart of a diverse range of versatile products and tools from Cisco and Camworth to meet any and all of your networking needs, including:

Data Centre Design

Cisco ASAP Data Centre solutions work to analyse, simplify, automate and protect the core of your business. Our team of Cisco Datacentre accredited staff work to minimise the costs of installation, whilst maximising the space and utility of your ASAP solution.

Collaboration and Communication

Cisco Spark is a powerful set of communication tools that can be integrated into the heart of your network. Fast and reliable communication between employees is vital to the success of any organisation, and Spark gives your business a rich range of collaboration functions at the network level.


Malicious software and attackers present a constant threat to every business network, but Cisco’s industry-leading security solutions actively identify and protect against evolving threats to keep your devices, data and network secure.

Cloud Networking

Manage all of your network’s wireless devices and mobile applications through Cisco Merakai products, giving your business a dedicated, centralised Systems Manager to effectively and efficiently power a range of wireless devices.

Smart Buildings

Embed your network into your office environment through powerful Cisco Digital Building methodology to optimise energy efficiency, predict faults and solidify security. Automated lighting, heating and video surveillance can be integrated into a single, easily-manageable system.


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