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Your network technologies can make decisions faster, mitigate more security threats and manage more devices.  

How? By using a reliable, scalable and secure architecture that’s one of a kind. 

Network design has not changed fundamentally in the last 20 years, despite increasing demands that are pushing your systems to the limit. We’ll design your network infrastructure to provide you with the flexibility to centrally manage your enterprise network. What’s more, you can provision new devices quickly and turn up network functions with a few clicks, all while lowering costs and reducing your risk.

And you’ll get the opportunity to integrate the most critical innovations in networking software, including virtualisation, analytics, automation and the cloud – in one architecture.

To design and build an optimal network, we use a new era in networking

The Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is an open, extensible, software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations.

It uses Cisco’s proprietary technology: The Network Intuitive, which is an intent-based technology that constantly learns, adapts and protects your network technologies.

The Network Intuitive will address the challenges of more frequent and sophisticated cyber threats, an increasingly mobile workforce and the huge increase in the sheer number of devices your networks must support, thanks to the Internet of Things. It will also consolidate your ever more dispersed data and applications that exist in your cloud-based services to reduce the demand on your network infrastructure.

The Network Intuitive is software-defined architecture that incorporates advanced, policy-based automation and orchestration capabilities, as well as embedded analytics and security to allow your network to scale to meet these challenges.

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