Webinar: Enterprise Agreements: A better way to buy and consume your Cisco software

We talk to Nicola Lumsdon, who heads up Cisco UK & Ireland's software buying programs team to delve into the domain of Enterprise Agreements.

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24th August 2023

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Webinar series: Software Buying Programs

In this Q&A session Cisco and Camworth discuss:

  • The driving force behind Cisco’s shift in software consumption strategies.
  • How Enterprise Agreements (EAs) have evolved and the factors compelling organisations to transition from perpetual licensing to a software subscription model.
  • What a Cisco Enterprise Agreement looks like for customers.
  • Some of the benefits, including operational efficiencies, financial predictability, and True Forward.
  • Insights into the factors motivating customers to embrace the EA paradigm and what determined these decisions.
  • The role of Camworth as a specialised and experienced Cisco Partner
  • What the next steps in this journey look like


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