Transforming transportation

Whether you fly, take an ocean cruise, or cross country via train or lorry, we’re experts at helping the transportation industry transform. From smart cities with streamlined traffic flows to tracking containers across ports to ensure quality of condition, our technology aligns with your wider strategy, making you more efficient as you move forward.


Solutions that serve your sector

Structured cabling

When it comes to structured cabling for the transportation sector, we know that no matter the layout of your infrastructure, your efforts need to be connected. Which is why our structured cabling operates across indoor-outdoor architectures and uses fibre to underpin your ventures as you innovate.

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Secure multi-service networks

From warehouse Wi-Fi and tracking forklifts, to staying connected on the high seas, our network capabilities not only optimise your operations, and your customer’s experience of your capabilities – but unlocks new revenue streams through smart analytics. Helping you to create new opportunities from a connected network.

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Advanced infrastructure

Experts at helping the transportation sector operate seamlessly. From automatic port processes that connect lorry license plate recognition with a set series of events, to airports that leverage traveller tracking to unlock smarter ways of working – our advanced infrastructure evolves your operations.

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Professional services

At Camworth all our solutions are powered by a full professional services lifecycle to ensure optimal success. This means we’ll get to know your transportation operations inside out so we can unlock new opportunities quickly and efficiently – without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

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With a wealth of experience working across the transportation sector, our client success stories demonstrate our credentials.

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