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At Camworth we pride ourselves on being customer-centric throughout the whole lifecycle of a project. To empower this approach and our superior solutions, each project we undertake goes through four key stages. This enables us to deliver solutions that go beyond their technical scope and connect with our clients’ wider organisational objectives.

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Through early engagement with your stakeholders, we’ll put a plan in place that speaks to your enterprise’s wider business strategy – not just your technical requirements. Armed with unrivalled understanding and leaning on agile methodologies, we’ll increase your time to value by working with and around your entire operation.

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Powered by the planning process, we’ll create a business-aligned and detailed design so that you can understand the exact solution that we’ll install together. Including everything from high-level transformation technology to low-level specifics, we’ll make sure everyone has something to refer back to as we move forward.

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With the strategic plan and detailed design guiding every next step, arguably the technical implementation stage is the easiest aspect – as everything’s already been carefully considered. From coordinating with logistical teams to ensure ease of installation, to our unrivalled knowledge of different industries’ health and safety requirements, our experience and attention to detail ensures everything always runs smoothly. While our thorough planning means the often overlooked end-user training and user adoption are an integral component of our transition into service planning.

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With operational support services across all of our partner providers, in the rare event something isn’t working as it should, we’ll be on hand to fix it straight away. With a single point of contact for all of your infrastructure, we’ll ensure your operations are always on and working in harmony.

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