Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

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15th April 2021

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Keeping Up with the Pace of Change

In this blog, Dominic Elliott, CTO, Service Provider – EMEAR at Cisco, shares his thoughts on how service providers can surmount the challenge of delivering the next generation of services

The UK’s digital infrastructure is undergoing a rapid transformation. New broadband and mobile 5G technologies offer faster connections for consumers. Meanwhile, the massive shift to cloud and remote workforce models – triggered by the current coronavirus crisis – means the network is more relevant today than it’s ever been. As a result, network resilience and agility is now a mission-critical requirement, thanks to the relentless growth in the consumption of software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Having adapted at speed to support the ‘new normal’, service providers next need to focus on how they will serve up the next generation of services in a cost-effective and operationally streamlined way.

However, achieving this goal isn’t a walk in the park. Service providers will need to find a way to overcome the complexity of their legacy architectures to enable new flexible and highly adaptable platforms that can deliver against the future demands of customers.

One thing is for sure. Thanks to the pandemic, devices and users are now everywhere, applications reside predominantly in the cloud, and security is required throughout.

The bottom line is that the value of the network is now being elevated out of transport and into controllers that sit a layer higher and have a view across the entire legacy network fabric. All of which makes it possible to deliver digital transformation and avoid technology obsolescence.

Fortunately, Cisco has thought a lot about how to help service providers streamline their operations and enable the evolution of their networks through automation. So they can adapt fast to rapidly changing market dynamics and launch new premium services with ease thanks to a future-proofed architecture that’s capable of delivering the enterprise services that will be needed for the next decade.

Now is the time for service providers to ‘clean house’ and start utilising the more advanced analytics, security and routing that SD-WAN offers. Initiating cloud-enabled networks, designed from the ground up, that deliver the experiences and services that customers will be looking for.

In my next blog, I’ll take a deeper look at how service providers can reap the benefits of Cisco innovation to evolve their business and operational models in preparation for the opportunities on the horizon.

If you’d like to learn more, then why not listen to the full webinar discussion with Dominic Elliot here.

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