Client Case Study: Simplified License Management Empowers M247’s Global Network Expansion

Cisco Service Provider Network Agreement (SPNA)

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4th January 2024

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As M247 expanded its network presence across major markets, the complexity of managing Cisco software licenses became a significant challenge. With multiple renewal dates and varying prerequisites, contract management became very cumbersome, and the maintenance process grew time-consuming. To address this issue and support M247’s network transformation project, Camworth introduced a Service Provider Network Agreement (SPNA) that instilled confidence in the management of all Cisco licenses and streamlined the licensing process.

Camworth identified a stunning 32% cost saving on license renewals over the five-year contract period.

Now, all of M247’s devices efficiently utilise the appropriate licenses, with the flexibility to acquire licenses precisely when needed. By leveraging this ‘On-Demand’ model, Camworth eliminated the requirement for a minimum number of licenses, enabling M247 to scale up cost-effectively as part of its worldwide network transformation.

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“Camworth did an extremely thorough job of our software audit which ensured that all the licenses were visible and allocated correctly, which is so important to us as it validates and verifies everything we’re delivering. They are a trusted partner.”

Chris Beswick, Network Solution Architect at M247



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