How the Hyper-Connected Stadium Delivers Operational Efficiencies

Today’s stadiums are investing in a variety of technologies designed to maximise the digital fan experience in the most profitable and optimised way possible.

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28th April 2022

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How the Hyper-Connected Stadium Delivers Operational Efficiencies

Alongside investing in digital displays and immersive video that will deepen and amplify the live-event spectacle for visitors, they’re also investing in networks that will support the needs of fans and help streamline stadium operations.

Designed with Wi-Fi in mind, these IP networks need to ensure that thousands of concurrent users can seamlessly connect with friends and social media. They will also need to be able to handle the promotional and commercial needs of on-site concession partners and service providers. Whether that’s delivering real-time push notifications that direct fans to specific food and beverage facilities or making it easier for staff to co-ordinate service delivery and redeploy across the site as needed in real-time.

With so many technology layers in play, stadiums will need to be certain they can centrally manage and control everything as a cohesive and integrated whole. Doing so will be key to ensuring their entire stadium experience ecosystem delivers measurable operational efficiencies that will minimise costs while boosting productivity and enabling the fast spin up of new monetisation strategies.

Improving operational efficiencies

Here at Camworth we’ve been helping stadium operators leverage end-to-end solutions such as Cisco Vision EDGE (formally Cisco Vision) to produce all-in-one IPTV, digital signage and full venue ecosystems that can be managed as a single platform.

Alongside ensuring that fans, merchants and venue staff are all networked through the Cisco Connected Stadium solution, these platforms deliver finger-tip control of each individual technology infrastructure layer.

For example, Cisco’s StadiumVision Director solution makes it easy to control the entire video delivery system from one central location. This includes turning displays off or on, scheduling the playout of desired channels, advertising, promotions, tickers and messaging during the event as well as providing proof-of-play reporting on all advertisements, including the number of showings per event, for sponsors.

But that’s not the only area where operational efficiencies can be captured. Using the Cisco Connected Stadium, we’ve made it possible to manage all fan-facing communications from a single console and display real-time weather, exit and traffic information for smoother and more effective crowd management. We’ve also helped venues to extend their revenue capture opportunities by customising the venue to encourage fans to arrive earlier, stay later, and spend more while on-site.

Lowering total infrastructure costs

Having the ability to centrally manage and control all multimedia endpoints as well as device health and performance saves valuable time, money and people resources. But that’s not the only opportunity for generating operational cost savings.

Cisco’s platform provides a single standard and consolidated ecosystem that features other infrastructure cost-saving benefits, like switch management integration to allow for power reboots and closed and secure appliances that do not require operating system or virus updates.

Working smarter and more sustainably

Utilising Cisco’s Connected Stadium platform also paves the way for smarter and more sustainable facilities management. Physical access control and surveillance cameras can all be integrated alongside first-responder communications to deliver superior situational awareness and improved incident response.

Similarly, building automation systems can be driven from central data servers to maximise efficiencies and minimise operating costs. Creating a greener venue that conserves energy and preserves costs.

Opening the door to a more sustainable future

We’ve helped stadiums transform and simplify their operations utilising a single, secure, high-speed and intelligent IP network that both reduces ongoing network support costs. We’ve also helped them streamline their operational processes by utilising a single platform that can monitor lighting, sound, energy usage and more – all at the touch of a button.

If you’d like to find out more about how to deliver the immersive digital experiences today’s fans want and expect, then why not get in touch?

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