The Connected Stadium: Unleashing New Revenue Opportunities

Today’s stadiums are raising their game when it comes to delivering compelling experiences when fans attend live sports and entertainment events.

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28th April 2022

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The Connected Stadium: Unleashing New Revenue Opportunities

Today’s stadiums are raising their game when it comes to delivering compelling experiences when fans attend live sports and entertainment events.

Utilising innovative solutions like Cisco Connected Stadium Wi-Fi, they’re making it easy for fans to use their mobile devices to seamlessly consume, interact and share content. Plus, they’re delivering deeper and more immersive experiences with instant updates and replays of the latest sporting action. Or giving fans privileged ‘all areas’ access to players and performers with video blogs and pundit commentary they can sign up for on the day.

Delivering the network coverage and capacity needed to accommodate all this and more is just the start. With the right connectivity infrastructure in place, stadiums can turn their venues into real-time marketing environments that are capable of generating new revenue streams.

Truly targeted advertising

Using Cisco Vision solution, venues are able to gain finger-tip control over the delivery of live video programming, targeted advertising, and content to every TV display in the stadium. Making sure that concession menus, merchandise and seat upgrade options are all highly visible and available to fans from the moment they step through the turnstiles.

High-definition video displays can be located across concourse areas, in concession or retail areas, in luxury or prestige suites as well as restaurants and bars. Plus, video feeds can be overlaid with advertisements or other digital content to create uniquely immersive experiences for sponsors and advertisers.

Because video content can be scripted for individual screens or groups of screens, stadiums are able to optimise the delivery of content to fans and provide sponsors with a larger, more relevant, and attentive audience. Plus, with Cisco Vision, venues can deliver a wider range of high-quality video content in the form of still or animated graphics, video overlays and insertions – with accompanying live event video.

All of which gives sponsors and concessions unique branding and promotional opportunities which includes the option to display different ads so they can refine the delivery of food, drink or merchandising offers in different locations to give fans a more tailored experience.

Maximising additional monetisation opportunities

Alongside offering a variety of targeted advertising options that adds to the overall advertising real estate, venues are also able to create a differentiated premium offering in suites. With the delivery of broadcast as well as in-house channels, guests can choose to watch another sport game or TV on one screen while watching the live in-house event on another.

With options to integrate POS applications, venues can also give luxury suite guests the option to easily order and purchase food, beverages, and merchandise from the comfort of their chairs. Ensuring nobody has to miss a minute of the action.

It’s an approach that also means that on non-event days, venues can rent out their suites for meetings and presentations to the widest possible range of customers. The self-service feature of Cisco Vision means users can display preloaded videos or presentations without any need for a projector setup.

Boost sponsorship options

Today’s venues are home to a multiplicity of events, from concerts to tradeshows. Using Cisco Vision Director, it’s easy to create themes featuring a specific set of colours or logos and instantly apply these to transform a venue to suit an individual sponsor’s needs.

Multiple vendors will be able to make use of concession areas at various times. By implementing dynamic concession boards, an area can be instantly transformed from a children’s merchandising area to focus on selling programmes and T-shirts for an evening concert.

Similarly, menus and pricing at food outlets can be instantly changed to promote options that are matched to the price point and preferences of different audiences attending individual events. During an event itself, menu items and pricing can be changed on the fly to power real-time merchandising strategies that optimise sales using overlays, tickers, and unique video content to create unique ‘moments of exclusivity.’

Realising a better, more profitable future

Here at Camworth, we’ve helped stadiums implement the connectivity and architecture that’s needed to drive new digital media driven revenue opportunities. Whether that’s enabling the orchestration of thousands of displays across a venue or making it possible for sponsors and advertisers to extend their reach beyond the big screen and concourse TVs to get into the hands of visiting smartphone users.
From a media-ready IP infrastructure that’s optimised for video distribution to high density WiFi deployments that make it possible to offer new revenue-generating mobile applications and increased sponsorship and advertising options, we’ve got it covered.


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