Reimagining Stadiums for a New Generation of Fans

Covid-19 lockdowns forced sports and entertainment organisations across the UK to rethink how they operate. For many that meant embarking on digital fan engagement strategies to maintain the connections that count.

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28th April 2022

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Reimagining Stadiums for a New Generation of Fans

Having re-opened for business, sports and performance venues now face a new challenge – that of enticing fans away from the comfort of their homes to attend live events in person.

One thing is for sure, the bar has been raised when it comes to the expectations of today’s digitally-empowered spectators. In response, stadiums and sports arenas now need to deliver truly compelling and immersive experiences that fans can’t get at home.

What makes a great stadium experience?

The pandemic has changed for ever the way fans engage with live events. Having enjoyed an expanded home experience featuring multiple screens and high definition TVs, they’re now looking to encounter highly sophisticated, interactive and content-rich experiences when attending a live event.

That means encountering live video, real time statistics, alternate camera angles, replays and highlights with augmented reality everywhere – regardless of whether they’re seated in the stadium, or standing in line at concessions, chatting with friends in concourses, or enjoying a VIP experience in a premium suite.

Plus, today’s fans bring their mobile devices to events and expect to stay connected to mobile applications that enable them to immerse themselves fully in the passion of the event. Whether that’s accessing exclusive offers and promotions that will deliver a more customised experience. Or sharing their experiences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media while they’re at the event.

Upgrading to a better fan experience

When it comes to interacting with fans at every stage of the event experience, stadiums have long recognised the value of AV and digital signage technologies for sharing information about in-game scoring, statistics, way finding and information about parking, seating or concessions.

However the latest innovations are changing the rules of the game when it comes to driving a fan-centred and highly creative digital experience that both maximises the fan experience – and can help drive additional revenue streams.

From large scale video wall screens to integrated video, sound and imaging, 360-degree LED displays and even virtual reality projections, stadiums are rethinking their AV strategies to enable digitally-enhanced venues that ignite passion – and keep fans coming back for more.

Making all this happen, however, begins with implementing a high capacity digital network that can power the delivery of digital content everywhere. That includes initiating high density mobility and connectivity solutions that will enable fans to participate in, and pay for, exclusive in-stadium services such as special video channels.

Enabling the connected stadium

Delivering the integrated stadium experience today’s fans are looking for is impossible if there isn’t enough bandwidth available to support these endeavours.

For starters, mobility and connectivity solutions will need to be in place to ensure fans can message friends and connect with the action, no matter where they are in the venue. All of which depends on initiating in-stadium WiFi and antennas that boost connectivity and capacity to make services simultaneously available to thousands of fans. Added to which, stadiums will also need to ensure their networks are flexible and reliable enough to support their next generation AV strategies and fuel future innovation.

Here at Camworth, we’ve got extensive experience implementing the multi-service, flexible and intelligent networks that can enable all this and more. For example, we’ve been working with the Bristol Arena to design a transformational and future-proofed network infrastructure that will sustain delivery of a best-in-class digital fan experience in a commercially viable way. We’ve also utilised Cisco’s Connected Stadium and Stadium Wi-Fi solutions to provide a scalable network foundation for a variety of sports stadiums and entertainment venues.

Our partnership with Cisco also means we’re experts at deploying Cisco’s StadiumVision portfolio of solutions that will enable stadiums to initiate IPTV, digital signage and unleash their cross-venue AV concepts.

If you’d like to find out more about how to deliver the immersive digital experiences today’s fans want and expect, then why not get in touch?

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